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Soundbites, Inc. began in 1990 with two short comedy pieces for National Public Radio and then produced over 500 features in major series with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Endowment for the Arts.

Soundbites® productions were a pioneer audio offering of America Online in 1994 and new works for radio, new media, theater, film and music continue.  Award winning, Soundbites® productions are part of the permanent collection of the Paley Center for Media in New York and Los Angeles (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio).

Michael Dalby
Michael J. Dalby
Owner & Founder

Michael is an award-winning audio and radio producer with expertise in new media production, documentary and news.  In addition, he has worked extensively in film, television and commercials in New York.  Michael was a regular contributor of hundreds of comedy and news features to National Public Radio programs Weekend Edition Sunday, Performance Today and All Things Considered  and created the Soundbites® audio site on America Online.  He is a recipient of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Gold Award for public affairs programming, a National Headliner award for the documentary Coming From America with Richie Havens and his productions are part of the permanent collection of The Paley Center for Media.

Michael’s work in audio began with MIGIZI Communications in Minneapolis, training Native American high school students in radio and producing the nationally syndicated First Person Radio program with them.  On the faculty of Emerson College he taught audio production and aesthetics, recording industry business classes and physics for the media, as well as producing Jazz CDs for various Boston artists.  In New York, Michael worked extensively with the Signature Theater, including collaborations with Romulus Linney and Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Albee.  Prior to the Gulf War he trained active duty Military Personnel of the American Forces Network in Europe and Asia.  He continues creating sound designs for theater and independent films as well as IT training for a large international law firm.

Michael has served as a panelist for NEA and CPB funding programs, is former Board Co-Chair of the Association of Independents in Radio and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity.

Michael holds patents for a Method of Providing a Musical Score and Associated Musical Sounds Compatible with the Musical Score with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The patents relate to music performance, licensing and distribution.
  The Patent can be viewed here.  Please contact us for more information.

Selected Awards and Citations
  • 2003 Avignon, Napa & Asian Film Festivals
  • 1994 International Radio Festival Certificat de Finaliste
  • 1993 International Radio Festival Silver Medal
  • 1992 CPB Gold Award for Outstanding Public Affairs Program
  • 1992 National Headliner Award Grand Prize Documentary
  • 1992 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Radio Program Fund Award
  • 1992 National Federation of Community Broadcasters Honorable Mention
  • 1992 National Endowment for the Arts Fund Award
  • 1990 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Radio Program Fund Award
  • 1989 National Endowment for the Arts Fund Award
  • 1989 NPR/Rockefeller Foundation Award
  • 1983 Satellite Program Development Fund Award

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