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Sound Design and Production

Soundbites® sound design and production training focuses on audio principles, design concepts and listening skills that underpin creative and effective production.  Developing a vocabulary for and understanding of the physical properties of sound and audio concepts central to critical listening; how we "hear" and "experience" audio to be better able to make use of it in different media.  Studio technologies are approached as tools to assist creation, not ends in themselves, akin to a word processor program for writers.  Technology evolves and changes, but core listening skills remain central to understanding and creation.

Reporting and Audio Feature Production

Soundbites® training in reporting and radio feature production focuses on telling stories with sound.  Radio and audio are very personal mediums and, when effective, very visual in the imagery evoked for listeners through the use of ambience, actualities and scripts.  Understanding how sound can expand a listener's experience and understanding of an event or issue is central to learning to use the media.

Technology in Performance and Publishing

Soundbites was an early adopter of new technologies to streamline and expand production.  Soundbites holds patents that relate to music performance, licensing and distribution, incluing a Method of Providing a Musical Score and Associated Musical Sounds Compatible with the Musical ScoreThe Patent can be viewed here.  Please contact us for more information.