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Soundbites is new. We're here to help.

The decades-long biomedical journey from medical lab to a bottle of Soundbites softgel capsules is finished. The site went live three months ago. We must be among the world’s oldest startups because it took 33 years to get to the launch. The most recent dozen years were devoted to the translational medicine phase, which means getting the scientific solution from the lab to the people who need it.

We’re delighted to have accomplished that milestone. There's a lot of "new" in Soundbites. We're a new business in a new category, hearing preservation therapeutics, with a new point of view, applying the new science of free radicals to inner ear biology to improve hearing health. It seems a bit strange, but we just recently reached the starting line. Now we're peddling to help as many as possible in the shortest time.

The aim of our journal posts is to help people understand what all that means by sharing what we’ve learned in our journey so far; what medical science has learned and continues learning; what we’re learning as we answer questions from our customers; and where we’re going next.

Our aim is to help our readers appreciate why Soundbites makes so much sense biologically, what makes the Soundbites solution so scientifically elegant and safe, why the science received significant federal research support for so many years, why the formula holds nine patents, why we are organized as a public benefit company allied with a public health advocacy nonprofit, and how, if you choose to purchase Soundbites, you are also helping to advance the research and solve the hearing loss problem for others.

Answering questions is one of our top priorities. You’ve already discovered we consider your questions seriously if you’ve written to us at Your questions help us learn more about what you need. The “Ask Soundbites” project, started at the same time as we started this journal, will soon allow all our visitors to read what we’ve written from our perspective on the topics of hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and cognition all in one place. Thanks for reading along!