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Our world is too noisy to expect our hearing to stay normal throughout life. Today, hearing loss affects the quality of life and livelihood for more than a billion people. The World Health Organization says another 1.1 billion young adults are at risk of hearing loss early in life, mainly from loud music. If things keep going this way, 10% of the world’s population will be deaf by 2050.

We'd love you to join our mission to make a real difference addressing this global health issue by becoming a Soundbites Ambassador and helping spread the word about something safe, simple and scientifically sophisticated you can do to keep the hearing you have.


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  • a personal discount code which, when combined with our subscriber saving, gives you a total discount of 40% off the standard price of any Soundbites subscription.

  • a 10% discount to share with your family, friends and colleagues.

  • shareable information, commentary and advance notice of upcoming news from the #keephearing initiatives that we run in partnership with the Keep Hearing nonprofit.

We get your permission to share your testimonials and comments in our advertising.

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“The future has arrived — it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
– William Gibson

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  • Your personal 25% discount code can be used on any product, which, when combined with the 15% discount on subscription products, gives you a total discount of 40% off the retail price.

  • You agree not to share your personal code with anyone else. This is really important.

  • You receive a 10% Friends & Family code that can you can share with friends and family.

  • You agree not to publish the Friends & Family code on social media or any other online channel. This is also really important.

  • You agree to provide feedback about Soundbites and the Soundbites company. You can do this privately by email, or by doing a review on the Soundbites website or writing a testimonial.

  • You agree that Soundbites PBC and Keep Hearing nonprofit may publish your feedback on their respective websites or other channels.

  • We encourage you to invite other industry leaders to join the Ambassador Program.

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