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Age Related Hearing Loss (ARHL)

What is Age Related Hearing Loss?

The free radical theory of cell aging is now well accepted. In summary, the theory states that oxidative stress causes damage to mitochondria, the ‘power plants’ of cells. Damaged mitochondria produce more free radicals, which leads to more damage, which leads to cell death. This process happens in cells throughout the body, including cells of the inner ear, as cells age. Antioxidant nutritional supplements can intervene in the downward spiral of oxidative stress. Substantial medical research demonstrated that ACEMg is an effective, targeted intervention that can relieve inner ear oxidative stress in a range of hearing loss indications triggered by excess free radicals. This discovery is the basis of all the issued U.S. patents, including the patent for treating age-related hearing loss.

Suggested use

Taking Soundbites daily helps preserve hearing, just as brushing your teeth daily helps protect against cavities.

What to expect from Soundbites

Age-related hearing loss is influenced by many variables. Soundbites helps optimize the function of the hearing cells you have.