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Doctors and researchers

ACEMg, brand name Soundbites, was developed at the University of Michigan Medical School. ACEMg patents are licensed by the University of Michigan to Soundbites PBC. Soundbites is a safe, novel oral otoprotectant patented for preventing and treating sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) caused by endogenous and exogenous ototoxicity triggered by upregulated inner ear reactive oxygen species (ROS), and for preventing and treating temporary and permanent tinnitus caused the same way.

Sound or noise exposure is the main exogenous factor contributing to SNHL. Endogenous factors include genetic mutations (GJB2/Connexin 26); viruses (congenital cytomegalovirus, or cCMV); and drugs with ototoxic side effects (e.g. aminoglycoside antibiotics, or antiretroviral drug cocktails (ARV) used to treat HIV, and drugs used to treat multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB).

Soundbites white paper

Soundbites is the result of three decades of biomedical research by a small team of University of Michigan Medical School neuroscientists led by Josef M. (Joe) Miller PhD (1937-2017).

The Soundbites white paper compiles all the peer reviewed academic papers and references, and includes sections on the pathophysiology of SNHL and the Soundbites mechanism of action. Click here to download the PDF version or here to view the white paper online.

real world and clinical research

Soundbites PBC alliance partner Keep Hearing nonprofit has developed a real world (RW) study for hearing and tinnitus that anyone with an internet connected device can access. This evidence-based study can also be used by Soundbites customers to assess Soundbites effectiveness over time. More information is at

Soundbites active and identical placebo softgel capsules have been approved as an Investigational Medicinal Product (EU IMP) for RCT studies and can be made available to PIs wishing to use Soundbites in RCTs. Please contact to learn more.

Soundbites for children

Available for infants and children to age 9, Soundbites for children is a low dose, twist-off softgel capsule format used to treat hearing loss indications caused by upregulated inner ear free radicals – GJB2/Connexin 26 genetic mutation, ototoxic side effect of aminoglycoside antibiotics and other ototoxic pharmaceuticals, and the hearing loss side effect of cCMV (congenital cytomegalovirus).