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hearing loss and Soundbites

Soundbites is designed for sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) triggered by excess inner ear free radicals. Sensorineural cells are the inner ear nerve cells that allow us to hear. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common type of hearing loss. The main cause of noise induced hearing loss is exposure to damagingly high levels of noise or sound. But exposure to less intense levels of sound, say listening through headphones all day, can also cause noise induced hearing loss. Other kinds of SNHL include hearing loss from certain genetic mutations, viruses and side effects of drugs.

Replicated preclinical research showed that when exposed to a 30-decibel increase in loud noise, Soundbites reduced noise-related inner ear damage by 75%. Clinically validated case reports demonstrate Soundbites can slow down, stop or even modestly reverse SNHL with daily use. Some customers report hearing “better.” It is important to be clear this does not mean Soundbites is regenerating hearing cells or reversing hearing loss. Rather, it most likely means Soundbites is working as intended to preserve hearing by relieving inner ear oxidative stress, helping recover normal auditory function.

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