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Sound levels under 70 decibels (dB) for an entire day are generally considered safe. Most indoor environments are typically quieter than 70 dB, even with music playing in the background. Most urban environments are much louder. A crowded nightclub, music events, many power tools and some motorcycles and cars can generate sound of 100 dB or louder.

Exposure to rising levels of sound or noise can create inner ear trauma quickly, which increases the risks of damage and hearing loss from inner ear cell death quickly, too.

The level of noise may be risky for your hearing if it requires you to raise your voice, lean closer to someone or shout in their ear. Most often, cell damage and cell death caused by noise exposure progresses slowly over time and the brain adapts, so it may take a decade or more to notice. By then hearing loss has become a permanent disability. But noise induced hearing loss can happen much faster as the noise level intensity increases, potentially leading to permanent hearing loss in a matter of days, weeks or months, depending on the intensity of the exposure.

If you take Soundbites before a long exposure to loud sound or noise, you may notice fewer, milder or no after-effects, which may include reduced symptoms of muffled hearing, reduced temporary tinnitus or relief from ear pain.

You may notice that Soundbites ‘wears off’ during a single continuous exposure to intense levels of sound or noise. If your exposure continues it’s acceptable to take another dose, but we don’t recommend doing this routinely. Neither do we recommend unprotected exposure to intensely loud music or noise.

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