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Can Soundbites Cure Tinnitus?

Published 12 November 2019

Multi-patented University of Michigan micronutrient formula for hearing preservation and tinnitus symptom relief now available in softgel capsules under the Soundbites brand.
Tinnitus is a neurological disorder with no known cure, so Soundbites can’t cure tinnitus. However, Soundbites customers with tinnitus consistently report relief from tinnitus symptoms while taking Soundbites, and a return of symptoms when they stop taking it.

Common tinnitus symptoms:

  • Hearing “phantom” sounds when no sound is actually coming from any outside source

  • Sounds include ringing, clicking, sizzling, buzzing, hissing, humming or roaring

  • Sounds change in terms of which ear they come from, their intensity, pitch, onset, volume and type

  • Sounds can stop and go, sometimes be soft and slow, or other times becomes louder and faster

  • Tinnitus sounds might only come from one ear at a time (unilateral) or from both ears (bilateral)

  • Side effects of tinnitus: psychological and mood-related problems, interference with your ability to concentrate or hear actual sounds, hyperacusis (difficulty tolerating sounds), problems concentrating, confusion, trouble focusing, and speech problems (particularly in children)

How can tinnitus start?

Tinnitus can often start with exposure to high intensity noise, an environmental stress factor that causes cell damage, which can lead to cell death. High intensity noise can have a variety of negative biochemical effects on normal auditory function, including:
  • damage to micro-mechanical properties of sensory transducers (hair cells);

  • changes in blood flow in the ear;

  • modification in intracellular ion transport properties;

  • increase of sensory cell transmitter substances (e.g. glutamate(1));

  • changes in postsynaptic membrane transmitter receptors (e.g. gluR) on afferent nerve fibers (axons(2)) of afferent neurons (sensory neurons(3));

  • modification of dispersion and uptake properties of neurotransmitters in extracellular, synaptic spaces;

  • changes in postsynaptic membrane biophysical properties that may affect space-and time-constant properties modifying depolarization;

  • changes of an excitotoxic nature in postsynaptic membranes causing destruction of afferent neural tissues.

What is happening biochemically, and how that may explain how Soundbites relieves tinnitus symptoms.

There is no scientific agreement about what happens in the brain to create the illusion of sound in the ear, but there is agreement that noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most common causes of tinnitus, and agreement that preventing NIHL also helps prevent tinnitus.

Preventing hearing loss from noise was the research motivation that led to Soundbites. Soundbites was not specifically designed to treat tinnitus. However, there is a strong correlation between tinnitus and hearing loss, so preserving hearing helps prevent tinnitus.
Soundbites softgel capsules for hearing preservation first became available in test market in 2015. Case reports since then are consistent, Soundbites usage is correlated with relief from symptoms of chronic tinnitus (tinnitus that persists for a long time or constantly recurs), and reduced tinnitus symptoms or avoidance of temporary tinnitus caused by short term exposure to high intensity noise. These reports were not expected. One PhD MD pediatric neurologist who was taking Soundbites is quoted as saying,

“I have come to depend on it to keep my tinnitus under control. My experience with stopping this supplement is that my tinnitus returns with a vengeance.”

Another Soundbites customer, pro Drummer William Covert said,

"I've been taking Soundbites daily now for almost a month. I went in with no expectations and didn't hear a difference in tinnitus volume the first couple of weeks, but I gotta say over the past week I definitely noticed a decrease in the daily volume of my tinnitus. I can't really think of anything else I've changed in my diet or daily routine besides taking Soundbites. I've honestly gotten the best sleep over the past week than I have in well over the past two months since the onset of my tinnitus. My tinnitus is still there, but I really have to focus on it now to notice it or have it bother me like it had been pretty much constantly every moment of the day the past few months."
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So how does it work?

We have three likely theories to explain how Soundbites might be working to provide relief from tinnitus. The first two theories concern the magnesium (Mg) component in the Soundbites formulation. The third theory concerns the antioxidant components.

Theory #1: Magnesium blocks the decrease in cochlear blood flow.

Mg increases blood flow to the inner ear, removes waste, and increases oxygenation of tissues, helping the cells of the inner ear to work at a higher level of efficiency. Blood flow to the inner ear decreases with exposure to loud noise, resulting in less efficient cellular function that can lead to tinnitus. The first theory states that by blocking the decrease in inner ear blood flow, Mg is preventing decreased efficiency and the resulting tinnitus.

Theory #2: Magnesium prevents excitotoxicity.

Mg is also a calcium blocker. Loud sounds activate a high level of activity in the inner ear hearing cells (hair cells), causing the hair cells to release an excess of the neurotransmitter glutamate at their base. Glutamate activates the postsynaptic membrane terminals of the neurons that transmit activity to the brain (afferent nerve fibers) via axonal nerve fiber projections.

The opening of channels in the postsynaptic membrane terminals allows excess calcium to flow into the terminals, which also allows water to flow into the terminals, causing them to swell and sometimes burst in a process called excitotoxicity.

In some cases, afferent auditory nerve fibers may repair with rest (no exposure to loud sounds). In other cases, they cannot. The temporary or permanent loss of localized bundles of auditory nerve fibers may cause tinnitus associated with loud noise.

The second theory states that because Mg can function as a calcium blocking agent to prevent excitotoxicity, Mg can prevent the damage to auditory nerve fibers that causes the onset of tinnitus. This theory may explain relief from, or absence of, temporary tinnitus from acute, short term exposure to high intensity noise. However, the damage from chronic, long term tinnitus is believed to migrate to more central locations in the brain over time, which, if true, would limit the potential effectiveness of Mg’s calcium blocking mechanism and requires another theory for those who experience relief from chronic, long term tinnitus symptoms while taking Soundbites.

Theory #3: ACE antioxidants eliminate downstream free radical damage.

Excess free radicals can cause increased release of the neurotransmitter glutamate. Since the ACE micronutrients eliminate free radicals and the subsequent release of excess glutamate, they may also help prevent excitotoxicity and attenuate tinnitus.

In addition, high intensity noise demands greater activity of the mitochondrial respiratory chain to create ATP. Greater demand for ATP results in excess free radical formation. Typically, in the normal ear under normal stress endogenous antioxidant systems are sufficient to maintain normal homeostatic function of the inner ear, but, under high levels of stress, increased free radical formation may contribute to excitotoxicity and can damage DNA and destroy intracellular and extracellular membranes through the process of lipid peroxidation(4), ultimately causing permanent cell death.

Any one, or more, of these changes can result in modification of spontaneous activity in individual or small populations of afferent nerve fibers (the nerve fibers that deliver sound signals to the brain), leading to temporary loss of hearing sensitivity, distortions of sounds, muffling of sounds, permanent hearing loss associated with cell death, and perception of tinnitus.

Our third theory states that the antioxidant micronutrient components of Soundbites (vitamins A,C and E, or ACE) may also play a significant role blocking the onset of tinnitus and providing relief from ongoing symptoms by eliminating the excess free radicals that are the root cause inner ear oxidative stress.

Hypothesis: With Soundbites ‘on board’, preservation of normal inner ear biochemical processes can be perceived.

Finally, our theories suggest the hypothesis that, although the range of conditions varies considerably, those who perceive the negative effects of compromised auditory function are also able to perceive the positive effects of the Soundbites micronutrients to maintain normal function of auditory cells. With Soundbites ‘on board’, those who are exposed to high intensity noise may not experience temporary loss of hearing sensitivity, distortion of sounds, muffling of sounds, or perception of tinnitus during or immediately after exposure, or may perceive reduced symptoms from that exposure. Those with permanent hearing impairment and chronic tinnitus may perceive relief from tinnitus symptoms and improvement in hearing acuity.

Our long-planned goal is to expand case report data to epidemiological data in Soundbites real world evidence studies.

ACEMg formula is available under the brand name Soundbites

  • Developed at the University of Michigan Medical School to maintain normal auditory function by reducing inner ear oxidative stress

  • Nine US patents for preventing and treating tinnitus and all forms of hearing impairment caused by excess inner ear free radicals

  • Replenishes essential nutrients and maintains normal cochlear blood flow

  • Safe. Helps keep the hearing you have. For ages 9 and up.

  • Quality guaranteed. Produced in compliance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices

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