Preserve your hearing, preserve your career.

Hearing loss is a vast unmet public health problem, among the top two long-term health disabilities worldwide. Millions of professionals suffer to some degree. Hearing loss, often accompanied by tinnitus, can end professional careers prematurely. Soundbites is an unprecedented achievement in hearing health preventive care, which is especially important to professionals whose careers depend on their hearing. 

The odds are good that Soundbites will help you keep the hearing you have.

Objective clinical data demonstrate Soundbites preserves and improves inner ear auditory function for 75% of people who take it daily for six months. We hardly need to mention that noise exposure damages careers, or recite sober statistics. It’s enough to say that music professionals are routinely exposed to high sound pressure levels in the studio and during performances, or that pilots and flight attendants are exposed to constant in-flight noise, or that racing is the world’s loudest sport, with drivers and crew members routinely exposed to traumatic noise levels. 

Soundbites is an unprecedented achievement in preventive care for hearing.

Soundbites is known in medical research journals as ACEMg, a neuroprotectant biomedicine targeted at maintaining the normal function of auditory transduction cells within the organ of Corti, the inner ear. These irreplaceable cells transform sound impulses into the electrical signals the brain understands as hearing. 

Soundbites is an elegant solution to a complex biological problem, protecting the inner ear from damage caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of sound or noise, maintaining normal cochlear metabolism, protecting mitochondrial DNA and the  structural and biological integrity of hair cells within the cochlea. 

Soundbites is clinically proven hearing protection you can swallow.

Translational medical research is slow work. The headline above took more than three decades to write. As a professional, you know how much work it takes to have a successful career. The Finns have a word for it: Sisu, the combination of determination, courage and willpower it takes to reach your limits. We get it, because the same goes for translational medical research projects like ours that aim to make a difference in public health.

Consider joining Soundbites and the Keep Hearing initiative to put a dent in a huge worldwide problem.

Hearing loss disability is suffered by more than 1.5 billion people today. Another 1.1. billion young adults are at early risk, much earlier in life than their parents. And hearing loss in midlife is the largest risk for dementia.

Soundbites can improve and prolong your career. We’d like you to consider using it, spreading the word to your colleagues, friends, families, and hundreds of millions of fans and passengers impacted by hearing loss that safe, routine preventive care for hearing is available for the first time ever. 

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