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Keep doing what you love. We'll help protect your ears and preserve your hearing

Sensaphonics and Soundbites have come together to help you keep the hearing you have.

Sensaphonics has been protecting and preserving the hearing of musicians, technicians, venue staff, and music lovers everywhere for years.

Developed by a small team of University of Michigan Medical School neuroscientists, Soundbites is an advanced micronutrient that helps preserve healthy hearing and has recently been released to the US market. Backed by science, it is an innovative approach — with very positive reviews from its users.

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"I have been taking Soundbites daily now for almost a month. I went in with no expectations and didn't hear a difference in tinnitus volume the first couple of weeks, but I gotta say over the past week I definitely noticed a decrease in the daily volume of my tinnitus. I can't really think of anything else I've changed in my diet or daily routine besides taking Soundbites. I've honestly gotten the best sleep over the past week than I have in well over the past two months since the onset of my tinnitus. My tinnitus is still there, but I really have to focus on it now to notice it or have it bother me like it had been pretty much constantly every moment of the day the past few months."

― William Covert, Professional Drummer
Soundbites softgels contain what hearing cells need

Soundbites helps protect the health of your ears

Soundbites replenishes essential nutrients to help protect the health of your ears. Taken daily as part of your regular healthcare routine, Soundbites provides continuous support to help keep inner ear cells strong and healthy, much like you use toothpaste to prevent cavities.

Tinnitus is a neurological disorder with no known cure, so Soundbites can not cure tinnitus. However, Soundbites customers with tinnitus consistently report relief from tinnitus symptoms while taking Soundbites and a return of symptoms when they stop taking it. Soundbites is patented for preventing and treating temporary and permanent tinnitus.
How Soundbites Works
Advanced micronutrient support helps preserve healthy hearing
US Patent for preventing and treating temporary and permanent tinnitus
Contains exactly what hearing cells need to stay happy and healthy
Safe. Helps keep the hearing you have. For ages 9 and up.

Two Soundbites softgels daily give you another way to protect your hearing and avoid hearing injuries, tinnitus and hyperacusis.


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