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what soundbites does

Soundbites replenishes essential nutrients to help protect the health of your ears. Taken daily as part of your regular healthcare routine, Soundbites provides continuous support to help keep inner ear cells strong and healthy, much like using toothpaste to prevent cavities. This is especially important if you are persistently exposed to noise in your work environment, if you live with urban noise, if you use earbuds or headphones in loud environments, or if you are simply concerned about keeping the hearing you have, regardless of your age.

If you choose to take Soundbites infrequently, we suggest taking before you are exposed to loud noise in environments such as entertainment venues, live sports venues, during airline travel, or when working with loud power tools or sporting equipment. If you forget to take Soundbites in advance, take Soundbites as soon as possible after exposure, and continue for at least three days to help your hearing cells recover.

Contact your physician immediately if you experience sudden hearing loss.

how soundbites works

The primary antioxidant action of β-carotene, which our bodies metabolize into vitamin A, is to scavenge singlet oxygen, a free radical. Singlet oxygen reacts with lipids (fatty acids) to form lipid hydroperoxides. Removing singlet oxygen detoxifies by preventing lipid peroxidation. β-carotene stops free radicals from stealing electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, thus preventing cell damage.

Vitamin E, present in the lipid compartments of cells, is a donor antioxidant that removes free radicals from the lipid compartments, also reacting with and reducing peroxyl radicals, inhibiting the spread of lipid peroxidation.

Vitamin C detoxifies by scavenging oxygen free radicals in the water compartments of cells. Vitamin C also blocks lipid peroxidation by free radicals that ‘escape’ neutralization by antioxidant vitamins A and E.

In addition to detoxifying free radicals, Soundbites maintains normal inner ear blood flow. In most body tissues, increased demand for metabolism increases blood flow, which provides additional oxygen. However, the opposite happens in the inner ear. High levels of noise, for example, decrease inner ear blood flow by constricting red blood cell velocity and blood circulation, primarily by temporarily constricting the diameter of inner ear blood vessels through the release of a powerful vasoconstrictor, the isoprostane 8-iso prostaglandin F (2alpha).

Reduced inner ear blood flow significantly increases metabolic instability because cellular metabolism depends on the adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients as well as the efficient elimination of waste products.

Reduced blood flow caused by noise exposure is followed by a rebound – an ‘overshoot’ – after the noise stops. The overshoot induces the formation of more free radicals, adding to those formed during noise exposure. The supplemental magnesium reduces noise-induced vasoconstriction and reperfusion, which attenuates noise-induced hearing loss.

A neuroscientist colleague summed up this significant scientific achievement by saying Soundbites helps inner ear cells stay strong and healthy and live longer. He said it’s reasonable to think about Soundbites as a new standard of care, an anti-aging nutritional supplement that helps keep the hearing you have, regardless of your age.

soundbites ingredients

Primary ingredients: Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), Vitamin E (as dl-a-tocopheryl acetate), Magnesium (as magnesium oxide).

Other ingredients: Refined soybean oil (carrier), soy lecithin (emulsifier), glycerol, mono- and di- glycerides (stabilizers).

recommended daily doses

  • Two capsules daily ages 18 or older.
  • One capsule daily ages 9 to 17.
  • Take once daily whenever convenient. Soundbites doesn’t interact with alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals or club drugs.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Children younger than nine years require a lower dose. Keep out of their reach.
  • Smokers please consult a physician before taking antioxidant supplements.
  • If you have difficulty swallowing capsules, we suggest carefully snipping open the softgel and squeezing the contents into food, like yogurt (the formula doesn’t mix into water). This has no effect on potency.
  • Based on 4 week periods

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Soundbites is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. However, hearing loss is a metabolic stress disorder, not a disease. Tinnitus and hyperacusis are neurological disorders, not diseases.