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Cells throughout our bodies rely on vitamins and minerals – micronutrients – to stay healthy. Soundbites is a micronutrient ‘cocktail’ specifically designed to preserve hearing by keeping inner ear cells healthy.

The research evidence is solid, but real world reports are the best evidence that Soundbites helps.

"As an airline pilot, I have been flying long haul flights for over 30 years – from Europe to North America and to Asia and back. Over the last few years my yearly medical checks showed that my hearing had been deteriorating significantly, especially at specific frequencies. It was significant enough to raise awareness during my flight medicals.

For a pilot it is important to protect your hearing. Besides using noise cancelling headsets or using earplugs however, I never really expected there would be anything you could do to maintain your hearing. I just figured it was a natural progression of working in a high noise environment for the amount of years I have.

When I was introduced to Soundbites by a friend, I learned how it was developed and what it does in terms of maintaining hearing and stabilizing hearing loss. I admit that at first I was skeptical and just took it as a vitamin, hoping it would work.

After doing so for several months and in the light of my upcoming medical, I thought I would find out if there was any improvement in slowing down the deterioration of my hearing. To my surprise and to that of the physician the deterioration had actually stabilized!

Having now taken Soundbites for over a year, my last audiograph test showed a freeze in my hearing decline and in fact an improvement in hearing certain frequencies which had shown a decline in the past.

My experience of taking Soundbites has been very positive. I would definitely recommend it to others and have shared my experiences with my airline physician and fellow pilots. I now keep taking Soundbites on a daily basis as I know it will continue to help me prevent further hearing loss.

Art Huijsman, commercial airline pilot

"I want you to know what an incredible product this is. l am extremely pleased with my results. It worked for me after my second bottle, and l also believe it helped my blood pressure, because l went off one of my blood pressure pills thinking that was causing my tinnitus, but l kept checking my blood pressure and it's never been so good, so now l only take two blood pressure pills and I'm inclined to think Soundbites had a lot to do with this. Plus my tinnitus has subsided. So if anyone is on the fence about trying Soundbites, just do it. l hope you have the same excellent results that l have experienced!!! THANKS SOUNDBITES"

Beverly Laddis

"I am so pleased with Soundbites Supplements! I have been taking them for a year now and although my hyperacusis is not cured, I find I am doing much better. For two years I could barely go to a store now, I have been going out and doing most of my own errands and can do them for others! I can't go everywhere or go to every store but I can do so much more. I wear my earplugs and bring my earmuffs just in case.

I feel like since taking Soundbites I am getting a part of my life back that I thought was gone forever. I am truly thankful for the time and research that has gone into this product. Please keep making them, I will keep buying them. Many thanks and God Bless!"


“Tinnitus is permanent like tattoos, but the suffering doesn’t have to be. Soundbites is new, but extremely effective. I use it every day to keep my tinnitus out of the way of my life. ”

Lil Zeke, pro drummer

“I have come to depend on Soundbites to keep my tinnitus under control. My experience with stopping this supplement is that my tinnitus returns with a vengeance. ”

Jeremy, MD PhD,
Neonatologist and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology

“I tried this as a potential non-believer and I can guarantee you I’m a believer. I have been using this for a little over a month. Definitely have seen results. At times the [tinnitus] noise is nearly completely gone although just minimal. Very pleased.”


“Soundbites is a godsend. My tinnitus began after a failed hip replacement in 2008. The joint got loose and shed cobalt and chromium ions into my blood, called 'metallosis'. I now have cobalt and chromium ions in my blood. Hundreds of people were damaged and most developed tinnitus as a result. I'd always heard that there is no cure for tinnitus and nothing that would make the tinny sound less audible. Soundbites works for me and I am grateful to you for developing a product that helps. Thank you!

Susy Mansfield

“Anecdotally, I have found ACEMg [Soundbites] to be of clear benefit for patients. Although the effects are often not dramatic in the short run, these real changes are clinically important and warrant consideration especially given the excellent tolerability and favorable side effect profile for ACEMg.”

Glenn Green MD, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery University of Michigan

"I've been taking Soundbites daily now for almost a month. I went in with no expectations and didn't hear a difference in tinnitus volume the first couple of weeks, but I gotta say over the past week I definitely noticed a decrease in the daily volume of my tinnitus. I can't really think of anything else I've changed in my diet or daily routine besides taking Soundbites. I've honestly gotten the best sleep over the past week than I have in well over the past two months since the onset of my tinnitus. My tinnitus is still there, but I really have to focus on it now to notice it or have it bother me like it had been pretty much constantly every moment of the day the past few months.”

William Covert, pro drummer

“Awesome. This product is great, it works, it's made a difference in my ability to hear and I never thought I would find anything that would! I recommend this product. Thank you!”

Daniel Kaea, veteran

“No doubt, this actually does work. It has improved my ability to hear high tones. I didn't realize how much I had lost until I got it back!”

Louise, PhD MD

“Awesome. Thank you for your professionalism, and thank you for giving us access to the science!”

Olivia, MD

"I am in my earlier 70s and a couple years ago noticed I had begun to experience hearing loss. I seemed to want the radio or television on louder than others and was needing to have people repeat what they said. Most problematic was I began to need to ask my wife to repeat what she said to me, especially if she was in a different room or not facing me when talking. While bothersome, this wasn’t too much of a surprise as I remember my mother and father having the same experience years ago and even my brother more recently.

Both my wife and I were taking Soundbites during airplane trips to help protect our hearing from the normal airplane dull roar. Thinking it might also help my day-to-day hearing, without telling my wife I began taking two capsules every day. I didn’t notice any immediate effect but persisted.

After about 5 or 6 weeks my wife spontaneously said to me “You are hearing better. You’ve stopped asking me to repeat things so often and I don’t think I’ve changed the way I talk to you.” I had believed I was hearing better, but her observation of a change without knowing why it might have happened was independent proof for me. And it feels so good to not have to repeatedly say to the love of my life “what did you say?”

Needless to say, I am now a committed daily Soundbites user. If only I could find an equivalent product for the rest of my body!"

Richard Detweiler PhD

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