Soundbites Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) is on a mission to address hearing loss, a disability that affects the quality of life and livelihood of 1.5 billion people globally. Our goal is to measurably reduce the worldwide social and economic burdens of hearing loss. Soundbites PBC, was formed in 2019 by Dr. Miller’s family and friends to continue Dr. Miller’s vision to make ACEMg available to everyone.

Barry Seifer - Founder and CEO

Barry co-founded the predecessor company Hearing Health Science with Dr. Josef Miller, and served as its CEO from 2010 to 2018. From 2012 to 2017 he served as a Principal Investigator on the European Commission grant to the ACEMg research innovation, based in Amsterdam. BA, University of California, Berkeley; MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art; Fellow, Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), London.

Joop Korrel - Digital Producer

Joop is an international business and digital marketing expert with more than a decade experience. Bachelors in International Business and management, University of Amsterdam. He lives in Ávila, Spain.

Our story

Soundbites is the breakthrough product of auditory neuroscience research in the field of hearing preservation.

Soundbites is known in medical research journals as ACEMg, developed at the University of Michigan Medical School by a team led by Josef M (Joe) Miller, PhD (1937-2017), a pioneer in the field of inner ear biology.

The medical research team invented ACEMg in 2005. ACEMg stands for vitamins A, C and E and the mineral magnesium. Remarkably, the team demonstrated that ACEMg was able to stop inner ear hearing damage before it could start. Laboratory data demonstrated ACEMg preserved hearing by increasing nerve cell tolerance to noise by up to 30 decibels, reducing noise-induced hearing loss by a remarkable 75%. The peer reviewed data were published in 2007.

The translational research program started in 2009. The medical research report confirming real world evidence of effectiveness was published in 2024. Read and download the report here.

Keep Hearing Initiative

The Keep Hearing nonprofit was formed in 2018 to operate Soundbites PBC impact programs for research, education and equal access to accelerate the goal of measurably reducing the social burdens and economic burdens associated with hearing impairment. Visit keephearing.org to learn more