Two ways to test whether Soundbites works for you

Soundbites self-assessment

Soundbites is clinically proven to preserve or improve hearing for 75.3% of people who take it daily, with most improvement happening within the first 6 months. You can assess whether Soundbites works for your hearing and your tinnitus on your own, within 24 weeks, about 6 months. The method is described in the box below.

If you have tinnitus please visit the Soundbites and tinnitus page to learn more.

Soundbites epidemiological study

The ACEMg (Soundbites) Phase IV epidemiological study is a 24-week clinical study sponsored by the Keep Hearing Initiative non-profit. The study aims to objectively assess the potential of Soundbites to impact hearing and tinnitus among a large population, contributing to a public health dataset on hearing and tinnitus. Read about the study at