How Soundbites helps

Soundbites is a hearing biology breakthrough. It’s a safe nutritional supplement for hearing preservation that preserves the hearing you have, designed for daily use to replenish the precise, essential micronutrients hearing cells need to maintain their normal function, which extends their healthy lives.

The car engine analogy is a useful way to explain what Soundbites is and how it helps. Car engines were invented about 150 years ago. Remember when they needed routine tune-ups? And how that’s no longer a thing? Fuel additives made a big difference. They help extend engine life by keeping engines clean, running at peak efficiency and performance. Soundbites applies that general concept to hearing health.

Just as an engine powers a car, mitochondria are the power plants for cells, including the inner ear cells for hearing. So you can think of Soundbites as a nutritional fuel additive formula that helps the mitochondria ‘engines’ in your inner ear cells to continue working normally longer.

The car engine is a recent invention, but the human ear is the product of about 40 million years of evolutionary biology. We didn’t know much about the anatomy of the ear until the sixteenth century, and didn’t learn about its inner workings until the nineteenth century.

It’s only within the most recent three decades that we learned about the biology of the human ear, and the biological damage that leads to hearing loss. And it wasn’t until 2005 that we discovered (and patented) a biomedical intervention – a micronutrient ‘cocktail’ – that maintains normal hearing that keeps hearing cells running at peak performance, and prolongs their healthy lives.

That’s what Soundbites is and how it helps.

Soundbites explained

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