Refund Policy


We issue a full refund on your most recent purchase if you are dissatisfied for any reason, as long as we receive your request within 60 days from the date of your most recent purchase. We do not require you to return the product.



You can cancel, pause or modify your subscription at any time by visiting your Soundbites subscription management account. We only charge your subscription account when an order is processed, and not in advance. 


Shipping returns

You do not need to return your purchase. 


Late or missing refunds

We process refunds and credits promptly, normally within hours, and nearly always the same day. However, it may take several days for a credit to post to your account, as processing time by banks or credit card companies vary. Your refund is always acknowledged via email with a confirmation code. If you haven’t received a refund, first check your bank or credit card account, please contact your bank or credit card company before contacting us at


Replacement of defective product

Soundbites is manufactured and packaged in FDA-certified facilities in compliance with rigorous FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. Soundbites is shipped under climate control and stored in our climate controlled warehouse. Refrigeration is not necessary. When stored at room temperature, stability tests guarantee that the statement of active ingredients is accurate until the expiration date imprinted on the bottle label.


Rarely, a capsule may leak. Almost always this happens when a package has been exposed to extreme heat during shipment to a customer. We replace defective or damaged items promptly. If you should discover a leaky capsule, please discard the entire bottle and let us know via email to, or call  877 439 7722.  We’ll send a replacement immediately at no cost.