ACEMg is an unprecedented medical science achievement in hearing health preventive care.

Hearing loss is a vast unmet public health problem, among the top two long-term health disabilities worldwide. It's a safe bet that millions of your customers suffer to some degree. They’re shopping for solutions,  but clinically proven prescription or OTC pharmaceuticals aren’t available, and none are on the horizon. 

Maybe you offer OTC hearing aids, but they don’t touch the inner ear, so hearing aids aren’t the solution they’re looking for because they can’t help your customers keep the hearing they have. ACEMg can.

ACEMg is available without a prescription.

ACEMg is the product of thirty-six years of NIH-supported pioneering University of Michigan Medical School auditory neuroscience research.  ACEMg is formatted as softgels, safe for all ages, and regulated as a dietary supplement by the FDA, the first and only oral biomedicine clinically proven to preserve and improve hearing within six months of daily use.

ACEMg is a safe neuroprotectant intervention targeting excess inner ear free radicals, the root cause of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), a metabolic stress disorder. 

ACEMg works by replenishing the precise exogenous micronutrients cochlear cells need to maintain normal function, relieving the oxidative stress that triggers cochlear vasospasm and ischemia-reperfusion injury, often leading to apoptotic mitochondrial DNA dysfunction experienced as hearing loss, now recognized as the leading midlife risk factor for dementia.

A new preventive healthcare category for your retail pharmacy

ACEMg softgels have been in limited e-commerce distribution to consumers, clinicians, and noise-exposed professionals under the Soundbites trademark since 2019. We’ve developed a trusted brand and loyal customers with uncommonly high long-term retention rates.

The clinical data milestone was achieved in early 2024 with the publication of findings from the two-year Phase IV Soundbites real-world evidence study. Read the report here.

The clinical milestone enables an exclusive offer to retail preventive care-related pharmacies that want to offer ACEMg to their customers their own cobranded generic with the defensible label claim “Clinically proven to preserve and improve hearing. Hearing loss is recognized as the leading midlife risk factor for dementia” to sell against the Soundbites brand. 

Becoming a retail partner is easy

Once you register as a retailer, you’lll have access to our restricted webshop, designed to provide bespoke services and support for each retail partner. You’ll enjoy significant discounts and offer your customers the first scientifically-backed, high-quality product in a new retail pharmacy category. 

By selling your own co-branded ACEMg softgels, you are leading the way to a new standard of home-base routine preventive care for hearing and cognitive health. There’s more. You become a major donor to the Keep Hearing nonprofit.

You will be a major donor to a global health initiative

Your retail pharmacy will receive recognition as a major donor to the Keep Hearing Initiative, showcasing your financial commitment to improving community and global health.

Soundbites is a women-owned public benefit corporation (PBC) on a public health mission to reduce the personal, social, and economic burdens of hearing loss and its two major related consequences tinnitus and dementia.

Soundbites PBC donates 15% of ACEMg revenue (repeat: revenue, not profit) to support the research, education, and equitable access programs offered by our nonprofit partner, the Keep Hearing initiative. Keep Hearing currently offers continuing education for clinicians and the general public, and operates the Soundbites epidemiological study, collecting additional real-world data and expanding the adoption of ACEMg into routine preventive care audiological practice.

Read more about the Keep Hearing Initiative here.

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