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Hearing loss and tinnitus disabilities are common problems for military and veterans. Among all 900 disabilities suffered by military veterans, tinnitus is the most common, hearing loss is second.

Hearing cells do not regenerate. The best way to minimize hearing loss is to preserve hearing cells. This is critical for the military because so many warfighters lose their hearing or suffer from tinnitus as a result of their service.

Bringing Soundbites to you.

Starting in the mid 1980s, auditory neuroscientists at the University of Michigan Medical School deepened the scientific understanding of hearing loss, tinnitus and ways to strengthen inner ear cells for prevention of hair cell loss, and then developed the breakthrough innovation called Soundbites.

First, basic research revealed that hearing loss is a metabolic stress disorder that occurs when excess free radicals, unstable reactive oxygen molecules also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), overwhelm cellular antioxidant systems, disrupting normal biochemical processes and leading to DNA damage and the premature death of inner ear hair cells, which is experienced as hearing loss.

High levels of noise trigger formation of up to 40 times the normal amount of inner ear free radicals. This massive over-production is sufficient to choke inner ear blood supply, damage and destroy hearing cells and cause ischemia reperfusion injury, similar to having a heart attack or stroke in the inner ear. 

Second, in 2005, the discovery of a precise, high potency antioxidant formula of vitamins A, C, and E and the mineral Magnesium, called ACEMg in medical journals, (pronounced ‘ace mag’) set a new standard of care for hearing by eliminating the root cause of inner ear metabolic stress.

ACEMg supplements inner ear antioxidant defense systems and maintains normal cochlear blood flow to help auditory cells continue functioning normally when they would otherwise be compromised by oxidative stress.

Replicated preclinical studies demonstrate ACEMg has an unexpected synergistic beneficial effect. The formula maintains normal auditory function when noise intensity increases by 30dB.