Soundbites RWE Study 12 week participant kit

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  • First in market
  • Nine issued patents
  • Developed at a leading medical school
  • Clinically proven
  • Option for co-brand generic (use the form below)
  • Sell your propietary generic against Soundbites
  • Pilot in select markets before expanding nationwide.

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How Soundbites Works

Insulation & Protection
Insulates your ears from the inside, protecting against damage from oxidative stress, the root cause of the vast majority of hearing loss.

Eliminate oxidative stress
Prolongs the life of hearing cells, keeping them happy and healthy by replenishing the exact micronutrients they need to eliminate oxidative stress.

Soundbites RWE Study 12 week participant kit

Promotion of blood flow
Supplements inner ear antioxidant systems to eliminate excess inner ear free radicals and promote normal inner ear blood flow. 

Reduces Hearing Loss
Demonstrated in replicated preclinical medical research to increase hearing cell tolerance to noise by up to 30dB, reducing noise-induced hearing loss by up to 75%.